Two Weeks with Mark Wojda

The Powerhouse just put out an awesome edit and story on Mark Wojda's visit to the Powerhouse flat. Check out how many clips he stacked up in 2...

One Minute One Spot: Chris van der Merwe and Earl Abrahams

And here we go with another double One Minute One Spot profile. South Africa's powerhouses Chris van der Merwe and Earl Abrahams recently found a new creative spot in Cape Town. Some days later they got back to film this sweet edit. Since summer is just coming up there, a whole new series of edits will be released within the next months. So check back on be-mag.

Franco Cammayo Wheel Release Session

“Some words from the heart… I would like to personally thank everyone that supports blading, because you keep me shredding. Especially, everyone that came out for the release session. I would personally like to thank Eulogy and Isaac for being awesome and having faith in me. And a BIG thanks for Greg Kieffer from Tri State Skate for letting the release session go down! Shredlife.” - Franco Cammayo

StreetBattleSeattle 2010 report

It couldn’t have ended any sweeter. The 10th and final SBS was by far in my eyes the most powerful, for not only me but everyone in attendance. The level of skating was unreal. With close to 40 competitors it was a tough contest to judge. The hype was there all day with great skating, no busts, and with 4 megaphones there was never a dull moment.

Guto Carvalho

South America has got a lot of coverage lately. When you see this edit of up and comer Guto Carvalho you easily understand why South America has been strongly spotlighted! This Brazilian powerhouse likes to skate some big stuff. And his fellow countrymen are cheering him up!

CJ conquers Europe

Four contests and four times on the Winner's podium. Cj won't stop holding his ground. First, he took the crown at the Chaz Sands Invite and now he takes 1st place at the Bowl Contest in Marseille.

Check in with CJ Wellsmore

We are excited to present you this quick check in with Australian powerhouse CJ Wellsmore. Cj has been travelling through Europe the last three weeks racking up cups and medals at some of Europe's biggest competitions and just shredding up Europe like almost no one else before him. Find out how CJ has experienced his time in Europe.

30 minutes Miniramp with Dave Mutschall

German powerhouse Dave Mutschall gives you a taste of his unique talent in this edit! The Berlin local has been tearing holes in the streets of the capital for some years now, but he also loves to skate transitions as you can see in this edit! Keep your eyes on this guy, it's going to be a powerful year.

Remz 2010 England Tour part 1 of 5: Featuring Franky Morales and the Remz England Team at the UKSkatepark

Remz is back on tour again bringing the Remz Pro riders Franky Morales from the US as well as CJ Wellsmore from Australia along to the United Kingdom to unite with the UK Remz Team (Si Coburn, Lee Devereaux, Joey Egen, and Ollie Jones) for some extra delicious shred sessions! Our personal Be-Mag nightworker, Kato Mateu, give his eye teeth to provide us with everything that happens on this tour as fast as possible! Check out this first tour update including some UKSkatepark sessions as well as a private UKSkatepark tour. Read on.