Gore, Satan, Metal, & Blading: The John Bolino Interview

John Bolino is a nutty fucker. If you’ve seen his sections, you know that by his skating and his b-roll footage. This 21-year-old Atlantic City, N.J. native who came up in Philadelphia makes an impact anywhere he goes. Most of the time he doesn’t even need to put on his skates to do it. John answered some of my bullshit questions earlier this week at the Shredweiser house and he gave his insight on his mixed feelings about living in Oakland, selling weed for a living, and the potential for violence should Shredweiser ever play a show. Oh yeah, and his new pro skate from SSM. To set up the interview, I was at the Shredweiser house on a Monday night. We finished our second 18 pack of Bud, the guys were done playing metal upstairs, and Austin Barrett was tattooing my buddy, Tyler Noland, in Chris Daffick’s bedroom. John finished making scrambled eggs at 10 p.m. He had put in a VHS movie and was talking it up.

Top 5: Dre Powell

Razors pro rider Dre Powell is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He is a true definition of a Pro, he can destroy any street spot you can...

Asian X-Games 2011 by 9TO5Mixtape

9TO5Mixtape blesses us with footage from the Asian X-Games that took place in Shanghai, China a few weekends ago. Can't really tell from the edit if the course is too easy or if Soichiro Kanashima, Chris Haffey and Brian Aragon are just too damn good.

Paco Rey: One Minute One Spot

Here we go with another One Minute One Spot edit straight from Spain. Paco Rey (Nimh flow) met up with Marc 'Enanoh' Moreno one day and filmed this within 30 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage from Paco and Enanoh since most of the streets in Spain are still free (not covered in snow).

WRS Finals live update #1: Full results

The WRS finals are over and out. Chris Haffey takes the World's finals and Cj Wellsmore is the new World Rolling Series Champion. Congrats. Full results from the finals below.

Mark Wojda interview in Issue 36

Some issues ago we released a special AM issue in which Mark amongst some others has been promoted as one of the upcoming talents in Rollerblading. We decided to feature Mark since he pushed the envelope hard in rolling and definitely deserved the recognition. Looking back on Mark's young skating career there are quite a few milestones to identify: His AM interview in Issue 30, his profile in the ONE-Video and as of lately the first place at the Last Man Standing. It looks like we knew it, Mark would get up on the skate podium since in the current issue we featured Mark again with a big interview. Take a sneak peek at the interview here.