Stephan de Freitas and Diego Guilloud

Switzerland has some great talents. You might have seen this already at the Winterclash 2010. Place 1 - 3 in the Amateur Comp were taken by Swiss Rollers. Here we've got two of them (Stephan de Freitas and Diego Guilloud) pushing again the envelope on the streets.

Valo tour update: day 14 – 18

The Valo team squad spent two more days shredding, partying and sightseeing in Lisbon before they went off to Madrid and then to Barcelona. While Soichiro had to leave them because of Asian X Games, Cossimo Tassone from Switzerland and Justin Hertel from the US joined the Valo travel crew in Barcelona. Now it's hammer shred time in the streets of Barcelona.

Razors on Europe tour

All the big boot companies in our sport are tearing their way across Europe currently. Razors including Brian Aragon, Stefan Horngacher, Don Bambrick and Dre Powell just got back from Switzerland.

Remz 2010 England Tour part 2 of 5: CJ Wellsmore destroying Rampworx

After another endless nightshift here comes the Chaz Sands update including an eight minute edit showcasing the REMZ beasts on the Rampworx playground. Everyone has most likely heard about Julius Caesar's famous statement: "Veni, vidi, vici" (meaning "I came, I saw, I conquered"). If you now ask yourself what Caesar has to do with the Chaz Sands Invite, then just watch this edit and you can easily see CJ Wellsmore living out "Veni, vidi, vici" again.


One of the first European Real Street Contest went down last week (April 24th) in Lille (France). The event attracted Real Street Skaters from all over France and some other countries. Check out the edit featuring another great street battle!

Awesome clips from Beat Schillmeier

Boom - that's the sound when Swiss shredder, Beat Schillmeier, shows up at a spot. Here we've got a brand new edit of Beat shredding the Massive Skatepark Glarus in Switzerland. Lots of "Boom" sounds. Props for this one!

rollTogether #14

Some of you might have seen or heard of it already and for some of you this might be a big surprise. However, it's now official: rollTogether #14 will take place at the famous ZeroOneSix-skatepark in Eskilstuna (Sweden) on June 5th. We’re sure that this skatepark will be the perfect venue for our next session... a promo teaser is coming soon!

Nicolas Schopfer Interview

Somehow, Nicolas Schopfer has managed to fly under the radar for some people. Not for much longer. Enjoy this interview with Nicolas as he talks about everything from skating and photography to tattoos and fixed gear bikes!