Ponycup 2012 DKC Finals in Nykøbing, Denmark

Next weekend from Friday 9th March until Sunday 11th March the annual Ponycup in Nykøbing, Denmark is going down. Be sure to participate or, if you dont't feel like it, watch some of the worlds best pro's lacing their tricks in the Kulturfabrikken Skatepark.

Franco Cammayo on Bitter Cold Showdown XII

BCSD 2012 finally going down this weekend. Skaters from all over the US – and even some from the rest of the world – embark upon the trip to Detroit for the event. We took the chance to talk to an almost legendary BCSD competitor, Franco Cammayo. Always top-ranked in the competition and always highly motivated!

Cavin Brinkman on his Film ‘The Breakfast Club’ + Official Trailer

'The Breakfast Club' is the newest video project out of the Netherlands, aka Holland, or for some people just Amsterdam! That is precisely where the maker of this project is from. We are speaking of Cavin Brinkmann, supported by his sidekick, the no less infamous dog Bobby! Cavin is the dude that you see dancing in those crazy Dutch edits. Do not get the wrong idea though, Cavin is a guy that puts all his energy into what he does. Living in Amsterdam has not made him a drug addict that would abandon skating for a high – skating and filming skating is his high!

Erik Burrow reflecting on his Skating Year

Hi, my name is Erik Burrow and I am a 23 year old Canadian roller from Toronto. The following photographs are a documentation of an amazing year in skating. I have been extremely busy juggling college life, my girlfriend, and a job at Shop-Task. Somewhere in the mix I've found a way to make it all work.

‘Supervillains’ by Peter Bender

'Supervillains' is a short blade flick which sums up a whole year of filming around my hometown area in the west of Germany and some days in Berlin, Mannheim and Heidelberg. I'm dropping this edit on my birthday today as a present to myself and my buddies.

Tien Nguyen – Vine St

Dominic West also posted up Tien Nguyen's section from the 'Vine St' DVD. Tien has already shown in the past that he has got what it makes to be a good skater. Even when he falls he will get up again to try the same trick again and lace it with style.

Company Profile: Roc City Skates

Blading needs more shops. When's the last time you tried on a pair of skates at an actual skate shop? Yes, not many have the opportunity to pick up their goods like that. But it isn't only a matter of over-the-counter experience that may (or may not) include professional advice on what to get; local shops literally "make" scenes. This is only one of the topics that are discussed in this Company Profile with Roc City Skates out of Rochester, NY. Others being dedication and love for the sport, entrepreneurship, permits and a certain unnamed jerk. Read on.

California 2010 Memories by Sim Warren

So there was 8 of us. Myself, Jake Eley, Joe Atkinson, Julian Coulture, Sam Tuffnell, Keith Wisdom, Jamie Stenner and Jamie's wife Rikki. It was the AIL finals at Woodward West, combined with a further week of skating, whale watching, beaching and chillaxing. Now, this trip happened in November and I have no excuses as to why it's now the end of August 2011 and it's just coming out now. However, I finally got round to spending some time on this edit so that those who went and for those who didn't can see what happened at the AIL finals in woodward and a few extra bits. -Sim Warren

The Colorado Road Trip 2011 – Be-Mag Live-Updates start this Weekend

This weekend marks the 12th annual end-of-the-summer festivity with Colorado’s biggest blading meet. The Colorado Road Trip was started with intent on leading a small crew across various parks throughout Colorado. At the beginning, where just seven individuals made it out, this event has quickly grown to what this year expects to bring nearly one hundred bladers to the Rocky Mountain State from all over. This is the time of year that the usual desolate skateparks of the Colorado highlands, typically littered with a small handful of skateboarders, a biker or two, a few children tooling around on a scooter, and in rarity a roller, get transformed into a celebration in a way that brings rollerblading just a little bit closer to the wild west. The days are spent shredding two or more skateparks while in between the road tripping frequents various stops along the Colorado River for bridge jumping and car surfing. The nights are filled with stories of their own as rollers become frontiersmen, gathering around camp fires in the desert sharing experiences, camaraderie, and of course some fine beverages.

Scribefile: Daniel Fabiano

Daniel Fabiano has become a household name in the rollerblading industry through years of dedication. From East to West, Daniel "Fabs" has gained his reputation not only as an Amatuer blader but also a young entrepreneur, owning his first clothing company at the age of fifteen. As the owner of Con.Artist Brand and the infamous Scribe Industries, Fabiano has earned a royal seat in rollerblading as one of the sports most dedicated brand owners! Enjoy the second installment of Scribefile as Fabs shreds through the East Coast since his move from Minnesota over a year ago.

“Back from the Dead Tour” through Australia

»The "Back From The Dead Tour" consisted of 20 rollers in 3 vehicles going from the "Victorian Titles" in Melbourne on October 23rd, up to the 8th installment of the annual "Right 2 Roll" street contest in Brisbane 7 days later on the 30th, some 2000km/1300miles north.«

Rollerblade AM Tour through the Netherlands

»We woke up early and drove to Rotterdam Skateland. I spoke with the owners of the park and they were willing to let us skate the park before it opened. Which was cool because we had the whole park on our own for 7 skaters. Dick Heerkens and Adil Farhouni also joined the session.«

rollTogether # 16 at Area51 in Eindhoven on January 29th

„Back to the roots!“ is this years Winterclash mission statement and so is ours! As we did it with the last rollTogether in Eindhoven, we are going to host another session right before the famous Winterclash! So Area51 will not only host one of the biggest competitions but also the biggest session within less than a month!

Announcement: rollTogether # 16 at Area51 in Eindhoven on January 29th

„Back to the roots!“ is this years Winterclash mission statement and so is ours! As we did it with the last rollTogether in Eindhoven, we are going to host another session right before the famous Winterclash! So Area51 will not only host one of the biggest competitions but also the biggest session within less than a month!

Interview with Miguel Ramos

Miguel is one of the most incredible people I know. His heart is as big as the universe. As good as it gets! His skating has been incredibly good since I can remember. Miguel have been skating for 17 years without stopping! One of the few. He has done so much for the blading community in Puerto Rico, that I dont even know how to be grateful but to tell you that he is one of the best bladers out there that can make a difference in the world. Good people like him is hard to find. If there aren't people like him I dont think there would be a skating scene in Puerto Rico. For years he has been the organizer of multiple events and competitions that keep the blading community in PR united and motivated to keep on rolling. If someone in Puerto Rico needs to be recognize in the blading community, definitely, has to be Miguel Ramos.

Mirek Ragan (Hedonskate founder and owner) in the focus

1996/99 – The peek of rollerblading popularity in Poland. Without cellphones, internet and the Be-Mag messageboard, every rail in the city was occupied by random group of bladers, who were just class mates or friends from the hood. Local TV stations broadcasted various rollerblading footage and when you wanted to know what's up with the industry you could just picked up a magazine from a newstand - polish ones as well as foreign ones like Daily Bread or Box.

Check in with Pat Leal

Anthony Medina caught up with Austin's finest Pat Leal to talk about the past and the future. Pat has some interesting statement and of course an ass kicking edit to come up with. Continue reading.