Brian Moore on ‘The City Never Sleeps’ + Trailers & Brady Johnston Profile

Brian Moore is about to release his new DVD 'The City Never Sleeps'. After more than two years of filming for the video and a $10,000 investment Brian has finally come to an end! Watching the teasers and considering the positive feedback the film got after its premiere at the Hoedown Contest in Dallas you can be sure that this release will get your ass up from the sofa and strap on your skates. Although Brian said that he did this video mostly for himself, we think that this video is made for everyone. But decide for yourself: an in depth interview, two trailers and Brady Johnston's section from the video should provide a good basis for your decision on whether or not to get the flick! All of this after the jump…

Competition Report: 15th Annual Hoedown

So, this is it? The 15th and final Showdown at the Hoedown, or at least at the current location. It's been a great ride, and I agree it may be time to move on. I've managed to attend all but the first Hoedown, and every year I am impressed by not only the level of skating, but the level of community this event brings. It might start with the fact that Eisenberg's Skatepark is a family run park and Miss Vicky, Arlo's mom, is in attendance cheering on the skaters with the rest of us. Whatever it is I want to personally thank everyone who has ever been to a Hoedown be it to skate, watch, or just get drunk in the parking lot – we call it tailgating in Texas – it's been a lot of fun.

Exclusive Roskilde 2010 Documentary by Mathias von Gostomski

Like every year, Be-Mag will report live from the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. One of the most special festivals in the World will open its doors on Saturday night and next to happy vibes, beautiful people, great music and tons of stuff to do, there will also be some shows to present Inline to a wider public.

More PARK2 parts

PARK2 unites some of the best park skaters from all around the globe and makes them online available for free! This project is realized by a huge list of editors and filmers. Check the staff list below the videos. After releasing the Intro and the Woordward part, Denial now comes up with some more parts. Dig into the world of Rollerblading! Great collaboration.

PARK2: Intro and Woodward now online

PARK2 unites the best park skaters from all around the globe and puts them online for free! This is not a project realized by a single person, rather a lot of people were involved in this project. Check the huge staff list below the videos. Great collaboration.

Panhandle Pow-Wow 2010

Described as "controlled chaos," this year's Panhandle Pow-Wow once again went down in the history books... Check out Troy Sander's version of what went down!

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 2 – Muddy Waters

Eyes wide open, 6 in the morning, I wonder what the people behind the wheel think of us campers as their cars roll by on the freeway. Truckers horn as I stand amidst the tents in the gray Nordic light. Could be interpreted as either a sign of mockery, or a proof of their sympathy, but standing there won't help me find out which option is actually true, thus I move on with my day. It's our 2nd morning in Roskilde, and there's some stuff happening on the street course today.

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 0 – An Introduction

Berlin - It's 9AM and I crack open the first beer of the day. Excitement is really high and I haven't slept much, woke up way too early with crazy dreams about Denmark. The fastest bowl in Europe, one sick crew of bladers, a week-long party with beautiful girls everywhere, and some of the best music you'd want to hear... Countless fantasies, and more than enough to get anybody just as excited as I am, sipping on some Czech imported Budweiser to cool myself down as I wait for the rest of the crew.