Competition Report: NL Contest in Strasbourg, France

It's been a little while now, since the seventh edition of the NL Contest took place in the lovely city of Strasbourg. But trying to reminisce everything that went down on this great week-end isn't the hardest part about doing this write-up for Be-Mag. See, I sure remember a few tricks that went down, some mind-blowing stuff even, but you've already seen them all in the various edits that showed up online afterward. That's what the Internet is great for, watching a contest that just took place on the other side of the planet, in a matter of just a few hours. Reading about it, on the other hand...

Be-Mag Live Update #2 from Roskilde Festival 2012

Some of the world's best rollerbladers are currently on a Danish island called Roskilde. Of course, they are there to enjoy one of the biggest music festivals on this earth, the Roskilde Festival, but also to represent our sport to a big audience. And they are doing an extreme good job as you can see in the edit. Watch Jon Bolino, Montre Livingston, Gabriel Hyden, Kare Lindberg, Jeff Stockwell and many more shredding the festivals new skatepark.

First Official Be-Mag Winterclash 2012 Edit by Benjamin Büttner

Every year that the Winterclash goes down it seems like bladers are constantly upping their game. Whether it be the tricks that they've mastered all year to bring to the contest, the creative lines that they are putting together with existing and new obstacles or even how intoxicated they're going to get before, during and after the session. Winterclash is the kick off for the contest season and a glimpse into what 2012 has in store. From what I can gather, the future is looking bright.