Daniel Gourski: Xsjado Germany 2014

Daniel Gourski's latest edit for boot sponsor Xsjado just dropped, and damn is it a good one! From technical tricks, to fast feet wizardry, wallrides and original spots, it really has it all! Not to mention...

Up and Comers: Jo Zenk

The usual introductions start with the moment when you first met the guy to be interviewed. In this specific case I have to say, that I am not quite sure where I met Johannes the first time, but I am sure about the fact that as soon as I got to know him a little I hated him instantly. Never would I ever hang out with that guy. Life can teach you tough lessons and the one that I was taught when it comes to Johannes Zenk is, that you should never judge someone on first sight.

Up and comers: Eugen Enin

Eugen Enin... who is this guy? Two years ago, Eugen popped out of nowhere into the German scene all of a sudden, placed high at some of the main street competitions, showed his super-tech blading here and there in small web files and German DVDs, was rather quickly placed on USD's Flow Team and managed to impress virtually everyone who witnessed his abilities in person. His body and mind may be in the perfect condition to become one of Europe's finest street skaters. At a young age he already appears to be quite focused, mature, motivated and strong enough to take a beating and get right back up to finish the job. But enough the sweet talk, have a look at one of Germany's finest up & comers, Eugen Enin!

Eugen Enin: One Minute One Spot

I first noticed Eugen at the rollTogether #7 session in Heerlen (Netherlands) back in 2008. People came to me and asked me, who is that guy with that amazing style, never seen or heard anything of him!“ Eugen simply killed it that day, not only style-wise, but also trick-wise. Give this guy a ledge with a decent length and let's say 10 minutes: You will be witnessing – how his friends called it – the „Eugen factor“. He will pull out tricks that he has never done before, switching it up like five times as he sticks on the ledge with his feet – unable to fall. 2010 was a great year for Eugen. He abandoned his coyness, travelled Germany for some major contests and enriched the online rolling world with his raw talent. Due to his hard work, he is also now known in different other countries in Europe. 2011 is gonna be crazy as he plans to leave his mark on some international contests! Watch out for Mr. Enin, Germany's upcoming street warrior!