1 Day 2 Nights in Geneva

Along with their friend Kevin Péchuzal, Razors team riders Mathias Silhan & Jon Matter paid a visit to Stephan De Freitas in Geneva, and if you have ever hear of the man's hospitality, you know these guys...

Nicolas Schopfer: One Minute One Spot

It's a real pleasure for me to introduce the "One Minute One Spot" for my friend Nicolas Schopfer! I've known Nic for more than a decade now. I remember him skating back in the days when he was a 1,20 m tall kid skating in his blue Salomons and with his huge helmet – hence his nickname "Mushroom". From then on he never stopped skating, kept improving, always striving for perfection. He's now the great and stylish skater we all know! Thankfully Nic is always motivated for a little session. I'd say even more so now that he started editing etc. He's the one who brought me back into skating when we went to Malta after a few years break and I'm really grateful to him for everything!

Stephan de Freitas: One Minute, One Spot

Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about Stephan a.k.a DAS!...If you've never met him, then you're missing out. Not only is he the kindest guy I know, he's also one of those kids you want to hate. Let me paint you a picture: 26 years old, owns a Portuguese bar in Geneva, works there from morning until night, often DJ's in Geneva's local clubs if not elsewhere, has a girlfriend, AND still finds time to be insanely good at rollerblading. That's what he does, sometimes all of them on the same day, this guy does not know a hangover. He is a wonder child that masters anything he touches, and I mean anything. (don't test him you'd be gutted). Winner of the Bulle Contest 2 years in a row...don't miss him this year again on for the High In The Park 2010 WRS*** in Bulle Switzerland (Happening today).