Shop task showers us with gold in this. With Chris Neima, Danny Beer, Taylor Ritchie, Brian Baxter, Brian Long, Dallas Kurtz, Hard Body Baines, Josh Silver, Jimmy Key, Stuart Brattey, Ace Kieffer, Leon Basin,...

Leon Basin: One Minute, One Spot

With this One Minute One Spot edit we want to take the chance to introduce you to the person in charge of Shop Task (Skateshop in Canada): Leon Basin. The Israel native is not only good at pushing Rollerblading in Canada through his Rollerblade-Shop. He is more than that. Leon has been rollerblading more than half of his life and has been an inspiration in terms of Rollerblading for a lot of people that skate with him. Even though Leon is a pretty busy man since he also recently opened a Shop-Task store front in Downtown Vancouver he still found some time to film some extraordinary stuff for be-mag. Peep it!