Daniel Gourski comes up with a sweet edit featuring:

Brian Aragon, 
Maik Lojewski (Borken),
Sidney Hansen (Hamburg),
Moritz Grenzdörfer (Cologne),
Lukas Toennesmann (Münster),
Dimitri Rudi (Euskirchen),
Pat Schmidt (Bonn),
Maurice Regnaut (Hamburg),
Benni Petry (Münster),
Jason Adriani (Italy),
Philipp Preuss (Berlin),
Mark Stamer (Hamburg),
Mario Dammann (Bonn),
Patrick Smith (Münster),
Eric Poss (Cologne).

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Back in 1997 we started with our first e-mail newsletter which soon turned into a website. In 2001 we launched the first issue of Be-mag Print. Besides that we're producing fashion and have released 4 DVDs.