Montre boosting into the upper atmosphere

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In part 7, the Nimh guys continue their quest through Ecuador, and the tour bus stops in Guayaquil for the cities main park. With only a few hours of sleep, the guys still deliver some amazing skating. Watch as John, Montre and friends tear the park apart with tech tricks and giant gaps. Into the night they keep skating, taking it to the highway spots that surround the park, while local police block traffic for us to skate. Enjoy, and look out for part 8!

Nimh South America Tour Part # 7 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Jeremy took a lot of pictures during this leg of the tour. Check out some of his favorite shots here:

Montre and his beer coozy


Montre watches in horror as the new station airs a drug bust seizing thousand of pound of Ganja


Ice Cream stop in Ambato


Tires blown out


Tightening the tire even tighter by accident


Skate park fans

Scenes driving through Ecuador


John jumping off of highway bridges

Montre Jumping off highway bridges


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And keep your eyes peeled for the next tour update coming next week!

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